4 Design Mistakes That Give Your Interior A Loaded And Chaotic Look

When dealing with the arrangement or renovation of a home, we can often create a messy and chaotic appearance. This can be the result of the incorrectly chosen design or styles and colours and small mistakes made when arranging the interior. Therefore, removing and avoiding them is the ideal solution to benefit from a pleasant and tidy interior.

 So, some mistakes are most often encountered in arranging a house, and that gives it a messy look.

  1. Incorrect sizing of the wardrobe or dressing room

In most cases, when choosing furniture, we do not consider the size of the room and other pieces of furniture. In this way, we risk buying furniture that is either too large that will not give us free space for movement or too small that will not allow us to store all the necessary objects, creating the impression of a small space.

Also, choosing the wrong size of dressing room or wardrobe can be a mistake that is quite difficult to remove. Even if you don’t have a large enough room, don’t give up buying a closet on the whole wall or a larger one. These will give your interior a much more beautiful appearance and visually increase your room’s size. Simultaneously, small cabinets will create a crowded interior and will not give you enough storage space.

  1. Wrong arrangement of the hall

So the hall is the first room you see when you enter the house, it is an important role for the whole house, being like a business card. Therefore, a correct location and choice of furniture in the hallway can be advantageous for other rooms’ image.

A hallway full of clothes, shoes or other accessories that do not have a special place can give an incorrect and disordered look to your hallway. Therefore, to prevent this mistake, choose pieces of furniture for the hallway that fit perfectly into the interior and offer enough storage space.

  1. Keeping things unnecessary

A mistake that each of us certainly makes is to keep various objects, clothes, small items that we do not need, with the thought that they will ever be useful to us, thus reducing storage space, being placed in boxes or crates.

One piece of advice you should follow would be to review all the house items, especially the useless ones. This must be done at least once a year so that objects that have not been 2-3 years maximum are worn or, in the case of clothes that are still good, donated. However, this does not apply to things that can be used infrequently, such as hammers, tools, sewing machines, appliances, and so on.

  1. Using too many family photos

Family photos are the most used decorative elements. Still, few realize that their excessive use or in different frames of various sizes and colours can be the main factor that gives the interior a sloppy look. They can be used as decorations if they are beautifully matched on a wall in the living room, hallway or along the wall next to the stairs.