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Colour Swatch

We have a selection of 99 colours.

This colour chart is our bridal satin chart which we use as a base guide. If your chosen dress is made in a different fabric, we will match the fabric colour up to the best possible match. Sometimes there will be some differences in the colour as there are different shades between fabric types so if you are unsure, please don't hesitate to ask us.

Please note colours may appear darker or lighter depending on your monitor settings

Want To See Our Chart In Person?

We have our 99 satin colour chart available for hire if you wish to view the colours.

It costs NZD $35 for the colour chart, this includes postage both ways, and if the colour chart is returned complete and within 7 days we will give you a $20 voucher to use against any future orders with us. This price is for New Zealand Brides only.

Click Here to hire colour chart

IMPORTANT: If you want to order your dress in one of these colours, please state the colour number AND mention the colour is from the chiffon colour chart.

(failing to do so, may result your dress being made from our satin colour chart that we use as a base guide)

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