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Payment / Pricing

We accept payment by Bank Deposit, Internet Banking or Credit Card via PayPal. Payment must be made at time of purchase, unless otherwise agreed. The production of making your gown/s will not start until full payment is made and all details are confirmed such as size, measurements, colour etc as all our gowns are made to order.

We accept secure online payments for major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) via PayPal. All your transaction details are handled by PayPal and Parkland Bridal does not keep any record of your credit card number so there is no need to pass any details on to us. You don't need a PayPal account to pay with your credit card. You will be sent an invoice to your email address with details on how to pay - it is very easy!

Using PayPal does incur a 3.5% credit card service fee

Prices on the website are in New Zealand Dollars.

Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Custom Quotes for gowns made from photos are valid for 2 weeks. After this date, we would re-quote.

Production / Delivery Times

Production times can vary depending on the time of year you order. Check with us with current production times. We generally say to order a minimum of 4 months before the event. This way you have allowed enough time for the production, delivery and receive the dress/es with enough time to allow any alterations that may be required, match shoes, accessories etc.

Production times are approximate, not guaranteed delivery time frames. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure ordering with plenty of time.

Production times are approximate, not guaranteed delivery time frames. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure ordering with plenty of time.

Delivery times once the dress has been sent can vary 1-4 working days NZ wide. Rural delivery can take an additional 2-3 days. Worldwide Shipping times will vary, please ask for time frames.

In the unlikely event that your parcel is delayed or has gone missing, we will work with NZ Post or Courier Post should this happen and assist with locating the parcel, should any claim result in getting compensation from the delivery company, we will use this to remake/replace your order.


To work out your size please refer to our size chart on our website. You will need to measure your bust, waist and hips and then compare it to our size chart. If you are in between sizes please choose the larger size as it is easier to take a gown in rather than let out.

Most dresses have the option of being made with a corset lace back, this makes the dress sizing flexible so it is great for internet ordering. With a corset lace back the dress can be pulled in or let out a full dress size before alterations are needed. It is also great for brides/bridesmaids who are losing weight (or pregnant brides/bridesmaids too).

Gowns can also be made with a zipper back too. Alterations are more likely for this option, because every measurement needs to be perfect as the size isn't flexible at all. When providing measurements for a zipper, we will usually add 1-2cm to your measurements to allow a bit more freedom with moving the zip up and down, as measurements provided are usually a tight measurement. If you don't want an added 1cm added, you MUST mention it on your order form.

It is likely that you may need to alter the dress when received to achieve the best possible fit even if the gown has been made to your measurements. We do not do alterations. If you felt your gown needed any additional alterations, you will need to get this done at a local alteration service and at your cost. This is not something that is included in our pricing or a service we offer.

It will be your responsibility to provide us with the correct measurements as these will be used to make your gown. We highly recommend that you have your measurements taken by a professional such as a dressmaker / seamstress. Gowns that are made from the wrong measurements supplied by you cannot be returned or refunded. Our dresses do go through a quality check once completed and we check all measurements.

Fabric Colour

Colours shown on the website may be lighter or darker than shown on our swatches. This is due to colour differences on computer monitors and taking photos with a camera can alter the colour. Please keep this is mind when ordering. If possible, please hire our satin or chiffon colour swatch to see the colours in person. (This is not possible for other fabric types unfortunately). We are not able to refund, return or exchange if the colour is not what you had envisaged.

If you are ordering bridesmaids dresses we highly recommend that you order them at the same time to eliminate the possibility of any colour differences in fabric. Each roll of fabric may be slightly different as the dye on each batch can change. If you order one dress and then the rest at a later date we cannot guarantee colour match. Orders placed in this manner, resulting in colour variations are not able to be refunded, returned or exchanged.

Problems with your gown

If there is any issue with your gown please contact us within 3 business days of receiving your gown and let us know what the problem is. We will need to see photos of the issue and we will instruct you whether you send the dress back for repair or in extreme circumstances we will remake a dress. Due to the custom nature of our wedding dresses, we cannot provide returns or refunds.

Custom Designs

If we are creating a Custom Reproduction based off a photo you provided us, please be advised that the gown will not be identical to the original. Our reproductions are based off of the detail we are able to see and replicate from the photos, as well as fabrics, beading and Lace that we are able to source at the time you place your order. You must be willing to accept there may be differences from your photo supplied to your replicated gown. Please decide carefully as due to the custom nature of our dresses, we cannot provide returns or refunds.

Cancellation Policy

Once your order has been placed and payment has been made, you may cancel within 24 hours if production hasn’t started of your order and we will refund your payment in full via whichever payment method you used. If fabric has already been purchased we will impose related fees according to the executable state of your order. Once production starts we are unable to cancel your order.

Please note:

Our gowns are not mass produced. Parkland Bridal gowns are individually custom made by hand when the order is placed. Due to the custom nature of our work, slight modifications in design may take place at times, lace patterns included. We cannot guarantee lace patterns as these patterns change seasonally.